No Butts About It: Fetishization of the Human Body

Real thoughts about “Poop-hole covers” – For a laugh!

The Green Study

Pop culture never ceases to amaze with its weirdness. The latest craze is an oiled up naked butt picture of Kim Kardashian. My first thought was that she needs a shower with some really good mechanic’s degreaser. She’s not going to be able to sit anywhere for days without leaving an oily butt print. I hope that dress wasn’t a loaner.

I’m not as fascinated with the human body as I was for that five minutes in 1987. While I’ve enjoyed the giggle fest that is taking a couple of 10-year-olds to an art museum, I’m finding the fascination with bodies and porn star sexuality a little tiresome. Social media’s focus on Ms. Kardashian’s keister seems to have no end.

Butts are poop hole covers. And regardless of all the human sexual proclivities, buttocks also house major muscle groups that allow us to run, kick, support our posture while…

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